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  This article could be sub-titled 'Taking on a Service Vantage Point'.

Taking a service viewpoint helps you make and keep money in trading.     Taking on anothers vantage point helps with rapport and so helps identify how best to serve others.

Two recent items of visitor feedback were about navigating the web-site and they suggested the question: "How does someone find their way around the web-site?"     This led to the question "What services are being provided on the web-site?"

The answer to the latter question was none too flattering - judging solely on appearances, it was to provide a vehicle to tell the visitors what the webmaster wanted to tell them!     Perhaps a more service oriented 'vantage point' could help as it often does in trading itself?     Yes, why not ask the visitor what they want and give it to them?

Following some thought and discussion about what this involved, the conclusion was to provide a visitors perspective by:

  •   finding a technology to permit the user to determine their own path
      forward, based on their individual needs; not a one size fits all
      guess of what should come next,

  •   re-design the web-site content to allow the user to be in control.

One approach to implementing this visitor perspective is reflected on the home page - but watch the www.traderscalm.com space for the full implications of the 'visitor vantage point'!

Hope you like being more in control when you visit the web-site.

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