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Perhaps a good way to discover what one common type of vantage point will do for you is the best encouragement to develop others.

It is common to interpret other peoples comments from the perspective of perceived roles.     So meaning, understanding and empathy can be partially lost if the perception of role is invalid or incomplete.     And these roles we project are often 'where would we be coming from if we said that' and upset is generated when our perception is invalid.

Similarly this common inner tendency to project ourselves onto others gets in the way of perceiving reality of the markets - we tend to see the market as a projection of ourself.

Profits will always be elusive when our perception of the market is flawed.     The market just is - your projection, valid or not, does not alter the market.

So winners at the trading game come from accepters of the markets, not those who expect markets to conform to a role they have projected onto it and then get upset when it fails to conform to their projection.
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