TradersCALM - Inherent Profitability/Calm
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Some trading systems can have characteristics that tend to generate more calm.

Those trading systems that are associated with more calm often tend to have higher profitability.

Rate your system and begin to understand how to add calm.

Higher Calm, High Profitability Lower Calm, Low Profitability
provides service seeks service
no timing expectation predicts timing
works on any time-frame only works on some time frames
responds to a directional move predicts direction
responds to volatility predicts volatility
needs occasional monitoring needs regular monitoring
works on almost any market works for only 1 market/class of market
benefits from most gaps suffers from some gaps
uses last price only/passive data history needs tick data/active data history
focuses on relative prices emphasis on absolute prices
profits insensitive to small errors profits sensitive to small errors
provides many trading opportunities provides few trading opportunities
has criteria for entries and exits has criteria for entries only

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