The Calm Trader 1.10: 31st December 2002
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The main theme of The Calm Trader this quarter is 'vantage points'.

A 'vantage point' is the place where you are coming from.     It is certainly easier to have empathy with another if you can envision where they are coming from.

Our 'vantage points' can strongly influence our lives by determining that little part of reality we actually perceive; and how we respond to our limited perceptions.

So being able to change vantage points, or perhaps even better, simultaneously hold more than one vantage point, means that you can perceive things that otherwise would be hidden from you.     Perhaps one aspect of wisdom is no more than ability, and a deliberate choice, to flex 'vantage points' and enjoy the success that follows.

Certainly trading results of the more successful traders known to TradersCALM seem to benefit enormously from simultaneously employing a range of 'vantage points' - Kaizan is drawn from the more successful clients of TradersCALM.

But the less successful clients have something to teach us - for they also have two common characteristics - Blinkered is based on four short case studies each with 'vantage point' implications.

Web-site Story is about why the web-site is slowly getting a face-lift based on vantage point considerations.

Finally responsibility, inspired by a client case study, is perhaps an insight into why one personal attribute has always been a key requirement of successful trading.

TradersCALM hopes you enjoy any learning process.

The editorial details are below; the articles can be selected from the menu on the right.

The goal of this newsletter is to help our clients get into a virtuous circle of calm.
"Calmer is better." was one client's perception.     We cannot improve on these words.

The editorial policy is to include a balance of articles, interviews and case studies related to trading in a calm manner.

The Calm Trader defines "calm" as the state of mind of being both self-assured and confident.

When calm, a trader can see reality more accurately, without the distortions caused by strong emotions.

Calm also allows the trader the mental space to more accurately view his/her trading behaviour.

Learning in the presence of strong emotions is particularly difficult.     Calm can thus be beneficial to a learning or discovery process.

We accept all articles submitted which meet our quality and editing criteria.     No by-line is provided for staff or other sources.

To best serve an international audience, all articles are edited to meet our format, style and UK English spelling standard.     Names, locations, trading vehicles and cultures etc. are altered before being used in a case study.

There is no minimum or maximum length for submission.     Articles can be sent direct to or by facsimile on + 44 7031 150290.     All articles submitted and received will be acknowledged, but no guarantee of publication can be given.

All articles, interviews and case studies are the copyright of TradersCALM.

Right(s) to reference or re-publish articles will not be unreasonably refused.


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