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Many traders seem to steadily progress through several natural stages     Some traders do not start at the first stage, some jump a step or two, but many seem to go though all the stages in turn, if at vastly differing speeds and with large variations in relative effort - until a significant blockage is experienced.

For the first three stages, typical symptoms are discussed to help you progress.     For later stages practical techniques are introduced to assist your development.

To get some insight from others experience, select the stage which best describes your view of your current status as a trader, and most importantly, enjoy the process.

Stage 1   I am losing money
Stage 2   I am not losing money but I have big swings in my account value
Stage 3   I am not losing money and my account value is fairly steady
Stage 4   I am making a little money but it is not worth the risk and effort and stress
Stage 5   I am profitable in least in terms of my effort
Stage 6   My reward to risk ratio has doubled; my account size grows steadily
Stage 7   I want to even out my monthly profits / reducing drawdowns
Stage 8   My profits are smooth, how can I improve my reward to risk ratio more?
Stage 9   I want to further reduce my stress
Stage A   I want to become serene
Stage Z   I want to be in tune with the markets
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