TradersCALM: Conference/Seminar Services
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TradersCALM can provide a speaker for a range of traders coaching topics including:

  assessing and building calm,
developing a traders vision,
developing generic market behaviours,
developing market specific, instrument specific behaviours,
documenting trading system attributes,
developing effective trader behaviours,
evaluating progress of actual behaviours towards effective behaviours,
exploiting a trading log,
using contingency planning to avoid being a loser,
using risk of ruin derivations,
increasing risk to reward ratios,
using position sizing,
providing service,
exploiting the 'market path' concept,
trading and exploiting 'trading spreads',
practical techniques for personal empowerment and calm,
a useful technique for resolving internal conflicts,
understanding and overcoming inner tendencies - natural blockages to learning,
building on strength techniques ...
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