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"Respond to the market rather than predict the market." © TradersCALM 2002.

Many, but not all, who
predict markets are living in future hope and a large subset luxuriate in excitement - the highs and lows of being right and wrong.
Those who
respond to markets are living in the now - having previously considered this very situation and how to best exploit or manage it when it occurs - based on a weighing of alternatives over various time-frames and in the context of other objectives and preferences.

Responding based on prior preparation and calm thought is more likely to serve our objectives.     Calm is a virtuous circle, calm helps generate calmer, which helps generate serenity.     Your spirit soars and you feel you are in heaven.
Serendipity follows you around like a dog follows its master - new ideas come out of nowhere and incredibly most seem to work - you drop winning trading systems like others discard wrapping papers - forever increasing the reward to risk ratio of your already highly profitable trading methodologies/systems.

Money is showered on you from all sides, you like yourself more and more and others like you more and more - life is a glorious journey.     Another way of looking at this is the high price of projection.

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