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Many, if not most traders, are hardly in learning mode at all.

By that I mean they are in the business of exercising their emotions - and un-managed emotions can get in the way of much effective learning.     The more emotional among us move on a low learning spectrum of:

            Fear ------------ Complacency ------------ Greed

Nowhere on this spectrum is a good place to be from a learning perspective.     Often before a trader is profitable, fear and greed dominate, helping to keep them a loser.

The few (it is said less than 10%) break out of the loser class, often because they have managed to stabilise in complacent mode, thankful and settled that they finally 'made it'.

Of course the emotional do not wish to 'get past' their emotions, or even believe it is possible or desirable.     Of course they are frequently not trading with good feelings or with a reasonable reward to risk ratio, but they are unaware of this, and find it difficult to move out of their new-found comfort zone.

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