TradersCALM - Inner Tendency Case Studies
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Access to at least one case study is provided for each of the inner tendencies listed below.

Enjoy them, laugh at or with the trader(s) in the case study if you will.

But do yourself a big favour and think carefully if you have any small aspect of their inner tendencies.     If you need support, just ask.

Select the inner tendency you wish to review:

emotional rejection of foreign concepts,
a tale of two very different traders,
a short follow-up of our two traders.

evocation of deep rooted fears,
a traders pit,

black and white thinking,
locked in a circle,

avoiding doing first things first,
looking for strokes,

"you mean I have to change?",
the operation was successful, but the patient died,

unaware of a perception bias,
last in, rest forgotten,

assumption of roles,
accept or project,

seeking rather than offering service,
service with a smile,

blinded by greed,
focusing on reward,

limited by identification,
attached and chained,

more tricks than a card sharp,
that ego thing,

capital mind-set,
capital and revenue perspectives,


overcoming obstacles to learning,
releasing our potential.
capacity to improve?

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