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We all have them, but what are inner tendencies?     They are characteristics that strongly determine some key aspects of our personality particularly in relation to:

our learning and comprehension skills as traders,
the extent to which we trade as members of a crowd,
our openness to new trading ideas,
our ability to clearly perceive the market and exploit trading

All of us are capable of change, but if we lack conscious awareness of our inner tendencies, and so passive acceptance of their often powerful influence on us, this works to limit our ability to free ourselves of their grip.

This service is designed, via some case studies, to:

bring some of your inner tendencies to your conscious awareness through
help you perceive how they can influence your trading results,
help you perceive how your future trading improvement might be being
start to release your true potential.

So to some degree, we are all slaves of our inner tendencies, with ourselves as the benign master.     Show me some case studies.
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