TradersCALM - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
© "Dedicated to trading with good feelings."                                All services are free.
Most firms, organisations, companies or groups, only publish unsolicited testimonials that are received from their most satisfied customers.     As all services are free, TradersCALM feel you need to see samples of the comments from both satisfied and unsatisfied clients.

The Good     'That makes great sense and proves very worthwhile.'

'I am drawn back to your web site over and over.     Your information rings out with truth.     I keep reading and studying your writings.     Keep up the good work.'

'What can I say...thank you for doubling my reward to risk ratio for less stressful trading!'

The Bad    
'The idea of multiple spreads does evade me and others as to risk lowering.
Much depends upon market action and liquidity of the market.     Perhaps you created this vertical Put Diagonal Spread terminology to give yourself some kind of inventorship!'

The Ugly    
'I wish nothing more to do with you and no response is welcome for it will be met with the same.     I doubt that very many students can put up with your "mentorship" style.     I know I will not.'

As client confidence is important to the TradersCALM service, no name or identification is provided nor will be provided.

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