TradersCALM - Frequently Asked Questions
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Are the services really free to an individual trader?

What do users of your service have to say?     The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

What seems to be the single most common attribute of the losing and winning traders?     The most common distinguishing feature relates to the need to predict - see most common.

What is the single most common problem of traders?     Many, if not most, traders tend to over-emphasise the significance of their trading system and de-emphasise the usually more critical moment of personal psychology.     This can be summed up by one clients rhetorical question: "You mean I have to change?".

What are the next three most common problems among traders?     Using a trading system on a trading instrument inappropriate for their trading style.     Overtrading.
Using a trading system with a low reward to risk ratio.

If it is all free, why/how do you do it?
    To serve - to give back some of what trading has provided.     As the demand for services exceeds available coaching time at peak demand - when equity markets have fallen - many new services such as the Calm Quotient enable traders to self-assess on-line.

Why is the house style, so - well blunt?
    The house style is deliberately challenging and somewhat provocative - attempting to open up self-awareness to release the hidden potential we all have, using a confidence building style of coaching; and to put off the time-wasters (those who like to exercise their emotions and put in little effort).

Do I have to have some existing skills to become a client?
    Clients experience ranges from 'not traded' to 'experienced pit trader'; questions range from "Can I trade with $500?" to "I am making over 120% per annum on a seven figure account, but I want lower draw-downs and more even profits so I can sleep at night - can you help?"

Do TradersCALM coaches actually trade?
    Yes, each coach uses multiple trading styles, on multiple time-frames and employs a variety of trading instruments.

Does everyone get equal treatment?
    No.     The client self-selects the nature and extent of assistance provided based on their clarity as opposed to brevity, flexibility of learning style, willingness to accept responsibility and genuine effort made rather than speed of learning.

Who is behind the TradersCALM website?
    Ric Ingram is the principal coach at TradersCALM.
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