TradersCALM - Do you suffer from Boredom?
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If the answer is "Yes, sometimes." - then you are, in a way, fortunate - yes fortunate if you use the experience of feeling boredom to prompt useful action!

Being bored is telling you that you are not fulfilled.     Ennui is hinting to you that you are not challenged.

Boredom can result from staying in a comfort zone.

Feeling listless is often the result of a temporary loss of drive.

Only when we leave one of our ruts do we feel fully alive and grow.

Successful people - and traders are people too! - take on challenges that are beyond their current capabilities but do not risk self-damage.     Happy and successful traders are in a process of continual learning.

Success and happiness can come from:

having a sense of purpose,
enjoying coping with the unexpected,
identifying a financially rewarding way of contributing to
finding a way to fulfil our potential.

Still 'prefer' boredom?

Well then, start replacing any aspect of dabbling in your trading into research, service to others and wonder at how you could find yourself bored.

Above all, enjoy the process of growing and self-discovery.
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