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Like most of us you probably have lots of defensiveness to work on.

You know when you are reacting not responding - if only later!

And there lies the basis of a good test of how calm we are - how long a time it takes us to get that funny, appropriate response to one of lifes events be it a unexpected market change or someone hitting one of our buttons.

If you trade a predictive trading style it will be more difficult, but not impossible, to be calm all the time.     If you trade a fading style it is easier to become calmer, but still not simple.

If you are fortunate in being calm outside of trading you can slowly transfer the serenity to your trading and vice versa.

But the measure of how long it takes to get a funny and appropriate response (whether you use it or not) to your defensiveness and finally to have just acceptance, is a good measure of your success in becoming calm.
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