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A variety of calm traders were asked to complete the sentence "I am calm because...".     As you might expect we all have differing perspectives on what calm means; and how to get there - they are offered as is, for there is no right or wrong if it works for you - do not be surprised if, the quotations are somewhat contradictory.

They said, "I am calm because..."

... my trading edge is no longer marginal,

... I know I can make money almost every day,

... I provide a useful service and get paid in profits,

... I now treat mistakes as opportunities for improvement,

... the odds are heavily on my side,

... the market makers are on my side,

... nothing can hurt me because I under-trade,

... I make no prediction for my ego to be attached to,

... I love the occasional loss for its learning potential,

... calm generates more calm,

... one mistake does not upset me any more,

... I can't get caught out by a margin increase,

... most slippage is in my favour,

... I am patient now,

... I do not associate with a single trade outcome,

... I meld with the market,

... I love what I do,

... I look forward to the next lesson from the market,

... I get to make and flex my own rules,

... I now learn from my own and others mistakes,

... I do not need to be right any more,

... fulfilment and joy have replaced excitement and anger,

... gaps in either direction help me,

... I no longer worry about data-feed failure,

... I do not need a data feed, graphs and all their problems any more,

... now I can trust myself,

... now I can leave an open position without worrying,

... my discipline is nearly rock solid now,

... you have shown me the opportunities are unlimited.

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